On the EU’s land borders, people-on-the-move are facing brutal violence on a daily basis. On their way to Europe they are being criminalised and deprived of their basic rights. The brutal violence and illegal pushback regime have become normalised. People on the route are forced to live in dire conditions in overcrowded camps, informal campsites or on the street. At the same time solidarity groups are being systematically prevented from working. 

In the meantime, the German government is not acting adequately, hiding behind the pretext of waiting for a “European answer” and ignoring the unfolding humanitarian catastrophe. 

The European Union is closing its eyes on a situation it has created. Transit countries are not only being left alone with the numbers of arriving people, but are supported in carrying out pushbacks in their role as gatekeepers of the EU. 

As an answer to people on the move, the fortification of the EU borders is taken forward by the rapid expansion of the European Coast and Border Guard Agency Frontex. 

This policy of fortification is unbearable and violates both laws and humanitarian responsibilities!

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