Magazine Release

8 years after the "March of Hope" - Stories of and perspectives on the 'Balkan route'

Out Now! After more than a year of work, we are releasing our magazine today!

With our magazine, we are attempting to trace the events surrounding the so-called ‘Balkan route’ since its politically proclaimed ‘closure’ in spring 2016. Drawing on the example of specific events, we describe the effective mechanisms of the European migration and border regime and highlight solidarity networks and structures in Southeast Europe and beyond using an artistic and activist format. The civil society interventions become visible in the form of interviews, reports, photo series and personal stories. We hope that the brochure provides a nice mix of information, documentation and motivation for all readers. We look forward to your feedback.

Would you like to order a print version of the magazine and support us with a donation of approx. 5-20 euros? Then get in touch here ( Note: The print version is only available in German language for now!